House Specialties

For seafood lovers, this dish is prepared with sauted shrimp, squid, salmon, and mussels, with onions, bell peppers, and basil in Bhan Thai special hot sauce.

A Popular dish found throughout NORTHERN Thailand, this curry is a rich blend of Southeast spices prepared in coconut milk, with potatoes, onions and carrots.

THAI RED SNAPPER {spicy} $23.00
Red Snapper golden fried, is topped with garlic, fresh pepper and basil in tamarine hot and sour sauce. A Southern favorite!.

Sauted shrimp, chicken, pork, beef with asparagus, carrots, shitake mushrooms, and baby corn in our delightful mild brown sauce. Heavenly!

GARLIC PORK CHOPS {spicy} $19.00
Tender pork chops marinated in Thai spices charbroiled to perfection and served with our homemade hot sauce and seasonal vegetables.

ROASTED DUCK CURRY {spicy} $24.50
Half boneless roasted duck with a spicy red curry sauce is prepared with pineapple, tomatoes, bell peppers and basil.

Grilled fresh filet of salmon topped with a special panang curry sauce. This dish is served over wilted spinach and topped with shrimp and bell pepper.

CRISPY DUCK {spicy} $24.75
Half portion boneless roasted duck, topped with Chef's spicy/sweet sauce. Served with seasonal vegetables.

YUM TUNA {hot} $25.00
A popular sauce derived from North Eastern Thailand over 2000 years ago. Brought to America by our Chef, this sauce is prepared with lemon grass, lime juice, onion, cashews and a blend of citrus hot sauce served over thin sliced cucumbers. A Roi !!